The most powerful WordPress dark mode plugin.
Night Eye WP PRO
$40/ one time
  • Smart conversion ensures a smooth dark mode experience
  • Complete color customization
  • Schedule dark mode
  • Works with all popular WordPress themes
Night Eye WP Pro
all premium features, no referral link, 1 domain
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100% free. Same plan with all the features, no limitations - for free! The free Night Eye WP Pro comes with a footer referral link and a discrete ad of the plugin.
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Why do you need a WP dark mode plugin?
Improved user experience
Having dark mode has been one of the most requested UI changes for all websites. Although, 99% of websites still do not have a dark theme available, the user demand is huge. Having dark mode enabled on your website will increase visitor time on page and boost positive user experience.
Good for your eyes
Trying to read something on a white background can be a tedious task. Your eyes start getting all dry and eventually you feel them burning. There's also the increased risk of headaches, eye strain and retinal damage. To prevent this from happening - use dark mode - it's much more easier on your eyes and you can read as long as you want, without hurting them. Good for your site, good for your readers.
Best dark mode for your sitŠµ
The WP dark mode plugin by Night Eye doesn't simply invert the colors. It uses complex algorithm to convert the colors of your website and deliver a smooth, eye-pleasing dark mode experience. And you can further customize the dark theme so it fits your website design perfectly.
Your privacy matters
Night Eye is dedicated to keep your online privacy safe. We do not collect, we do not store and we do not sell your personal data. We do not use third-party ads. We own the code, databases, and all rights to the Night Eye plugin, but you retain all rights to your data. That's how it will always be.
Why do I need to pay to get the Night Eye plugin?
It's up to you to decide if you want to pay for using Night Eye WP dark mode plugin. We realize not everyone can afford purchasing a WordPress plugin, so we decided to have a Pro plan for free. It's exactly the same as the paid Pro plan. The only small difference is a footer referral link and a discrete ad in the dark mode toggle. Both leading towards our website.
However, paying for the plugin means supporting our cause. We love free tools and we love developing awesome software, but we can't do it without money. We do not use ads in our software, and we do not collect/nor sell your data. This means the only funds we receive are from you - the person who pays $40 one time fee for our plugin. We use your funds to maintain, support, and continue to develop our dark mode plugin.
Without U there is no Us.
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